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Eyelash extensions are individual lashes a professional glues one by one to each of your top lashes.  Using long, pointed tweezers, a single lash in a dab of adhesive is applied. With another pair of tweezers, she separates the natural lashes to isolate just one. She places the lash on the natural lash, holding it for a few seconds while the glue bonds. The process is repeated, one lash at a time, attaching 40 to 100 lashes per eye.  Several lengths of lashes can be used and there are different options for thickness. 

Eyelash extensions last a few weeks and require a fill every 2-3 weeks.  Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Jody & Paige, Premier's lash artists, use Borboleta Beauty Lashes, chosen favorite lash extensions by professionals for 2018!!

Classic Lash extensions:  $165 full set, 2 week fill: $55, and 3 week fill: $65

Volume Lash Extensions: $195 full set, 2 week fill: $75 and 3 week fill: $85


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Mrs. North Dakota International 2017 sporting lash extensions by Dori Kate before competing in the Mrs. International Pageant.  Premier Aesthetics is a proud sponsor and the official medical spa to the North Dakota International Pageant System. 
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