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Wrinkle-smoothing botulinum toxin type A injections are the most common non-invasive aesthetic procedure in the U.S. And, while they are colloquially called “Botox,” there are actually three different BoNT-A injectables FDA-approved for cosmetic use at Premier Aesthetics.

As your skin ages, the loss of collagen and elastin results in two kinds of wrinkles on the face – dynamic and static. Dynamic wrinkles that occur during your natural facial expressions. For these types of wrinkles, we offer safe, minimally-invasive injectables including Xeomin, Botox or Dysport treatments in Grand Forks to relax the visible signs of aging and refresh your appearance without any post-treatment discomfort or downtime.



Just as brands like Band-Aid have become synonymous with adhesive bandages, Kleenex with tissues, and Wite-Out with correction fluid, “Botox” has been the household name for botulinum toxin type A (BoNT-A) injections since it was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the temporary improvement of moderate to severe glabellar lines (i.e. the frown lines between the eyebrows) in 2002.

We get questions every day from patients looking to lift the appearance of their skin. Many ask about Botox, its safety, and its effectiveness. Rest assured, Botox ticks both boxes and is in our toolkit at Premier Aesthetics. But there are other neuromodulators that are often better choices for patients. Dysport and Xeomin have been making waves over the last few years. So Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin; what’s the difference? For starters, they all fall under the umbrella of neuromodulators.

As neuromodulators, they can temporarily alter the nerve impulses of targeted muscles, therefore reducing or eliminating contraction-induced wrinkles. Each brand has a slightly different formulation of the same substance, Botulinum Toxin A, but they all work the same way: they block the nerve impulses of the injected muscles to temporarily paralyze muscle movements that cause wrinkles. The most common targets are horizontal lines across the forehead and perpendicular frown lines between the brows (also called “The Elevens”), but many also rely on Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin for crow’s feet, nasal squint lines, lines around the neck, eyebrow lifting, and even profuse underarm sweating and migraines.

In aesthetic medicine, botulinum toxin is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions (think: frowning, squinting, smiling, and the like) by injecting it into the muscles underlying the affected area. In turn, the lack of muscle contraction prevents the face from forming lines and wrinkles.

Although BOTOX and Dysport use the same active molecule (botulinum toxin type A), there are a few distinct differences between the two products. The biggest difference between BOTOX and Dysport is the size of the molecule in the solution, how deep the injections are placed, and the number of non-toxic proteins surrounding the botulinum toxin molecule.

Like Botox and Dysport, Xeomin is a botulinum toxin type A, which is approved to treat wrinkles like the "11" lines between the brows and frown lines. Botox and Xeomin work by the exact same mechanism, which is blocking the signals from nerves to muscles, causing the muscles to relax and wrinkles to smooth out. The primary difference between the products is that Botox has an accompanying, inactive protein, while Xeomin does not have additive. Xeomin is a purified form of the neurotoxin; it's manufactured in such a way that it removes accessory proteins from the active ingredient.

Xeomin, Botox, Daxxify and Dysport are effective for the treatment of:

  • Forehead lines

  • Vertical lines between the brows

  • Lines forming at the corners of eyes

  • Can assist in the treatment of lines around the mouth

  • Easy to tolerate with minimal pain and no downtime

  • Safe and effective

  • Performed by all injectors in Grand Forks at Premier Aesthetics






Xeomin is the first one that does not need to be refrigerated before use, which may simplify distribution. Xeomin also has no additives, just botulinum toxin type A. This may mean that there is less risk of developing antibodies against Xeomin than other available neurotoxins. The body develops antibodies in response to a foreign invader and attacks. In theory, antibodies could prevent a neurotoxin from having its desired effects. The effects of Xeomin occur within one week, and the results last from three to six months, making it comparable to Botox in terms of both onset and duration of action. Xeomin should not be used interchangeably with other botulinum products.


When it comes to smoothing out wrinkles, Botox Cosmetic is a household name. But did you know there are other options that use the same active ingredients to help you achieve the same results? Dysport works the same way Botox does by temporarily affecting the movement of facial muscles. When injected in specific muscles, Dysport effectively relaxes the movement of your muscles allowing your fine lines and wrinkles to smooth out. After treatment, you'll look more youthful and well-rested. The results of Dysport can be seen as soon as 24 hours after treatment. Results last between four to six months.  

BOTOX® Cosmetic

Botox® injections temporarily remove crow’s feet, frown lines, and other types of facial wrinkles. Treatment with this popular neuromodulator is both non-surgical and minimally invasive.

The Botox® Cosmetic solution is FDA-approved and safely relaxes specific muscles in the face that cause wrinkles. Injections usually lasts up to four months and injections can be repeated as necessary when facial wrinkles reappear. Botox generally takes 3-10 days to take effect.​


We’re pleased to introduce DAXXIFY™–the only long-lasting, peptide-powered frown line treatment. We’re one of the first exclusive providers to offer this innovative treatment. Call our office today to book your appointment and visit to learn more.

What is DAXXIFY™ and how is it different?

DAXXIFY™ is FDA-approved to help smooth moderate to severe lines between the brows. It is the only long-lasting frown line treatment powered by a peptide with results that last on average 6 months and up to 9 months for some.*

Conventional injectables last 3 – 4 months and require up to 4 treatments a year to maintain results.

Nearly 90% of patients say they wish results lasted longer. With DAXXIFY™ you can keep your frown lines smoother for a full year with as few as 2 treatments.*

  • Is Dysport the same thing as BOTOX® Cosmetic?
    Dysport and Botox are both made from botulinum toxin type A. All botulinum toxins have the same mechanism of action: blocking the release of acetylcholine (ACh) and preventing the muscles from contracting to maintain the aesthetic effect. The main difference between Botox and Dysport is that Dysport may diffuse more than Botox, meaning that it will spread easier from the injection site to other areas. Dysport also takes less time to show results, with onset happening about 2-5 days as compared to 5-7 days for Botox.
  • How does Botox and Dysport work?
    Botox and Dysport work by simply relaxing the muscles underneath the skin to create a smooth and refreshed appearance.
  • How long does it take for Botox and Dysport to work?
    Though results vary, there is typically a noticeable improvement in moderate to severe wrinkles within 2-5 days with Dysport. Botox takes longer to kick in and is typically seen within 5-10 of treatment.
  • How long does Dysport last?
    One treatment of Dysport can last for up to 4 months.*
  • How long does Botox last?
    Most patients will see their Botox last about 3-4 months. Very few patients experience resaults that last less than 2 months and some patients see results lasting much longer. Results can vary between patients.
  • What should I do before getting Botox or Dysport?
    To help avoid bruising, patients are recommended to discontinue use of blood thinning medication. Patients must consult their primary care physician prior to discontinuing use of any medication.
  • Is Botox a poison?
    No, it is not poisonious and it is not toxic. The product is a natural, purified protein. It is an approved drug that is used in very tiny doses. It comes from a naturally occuring bacterium - similar to how Penicillin comes from mold.
  • How long does a Botox appointment take?
    Generally, after the consultation, the procedure takes less than 15 minutes. Since there is no downtime when receiving Botox or Dysport you can do it on your lunchbreak and no one would know you had it done!
  • Does Botox and Dysport make you look frozen?
    No. The providers at Premier will ensure you get the look you want, as natural as you want. Most people simply want to look natural, rested, and refreshed without looking "over-done." The goal is to make you look great and well-rested!
  • What areas can Botox and Dysport be injected?
    Botox Cosmetic and Dysport can be administered in forehead wrinkles, crow's feet around the eyes, and the "11 lines" between the eyebrows. Other areas include the "bunny lines" one the sides of the nose, corners of the mouth, and more.
  • What is a unit of Botox or Dysport?
    A unit of Botox or Dysport is how the product is measured. One unit is a very small amount.
  • Does getting Botox hurt?
    Most patients say the injections feel similar to a little pinch, although everyone has different tolerance. The treatment is very quick.
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