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The best in beauty services combined with skills and passion is what makes Premier Aesthetics beauty experts and one of the best in all things aesthetics. You can be sure that you are getting the treatment and outcome you want without the risks. And with our excellent customer service, you will sure to have a great time.


Say goodbye to mascara and hello to waking up with full, beautiful lashes.


Set down the eyelash curler and enhance your natural lashes with a lash lift and tint.


Want to wake up to polished brows every morning? Get the look with brow lamination at Premier Aesthetics.

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Achieve the perfect brow shape with threading or waxing services at Premier Aesthetics in Grand Forks.

DYSPORT COST - $5/unit Non-Members | $4/unit Premier Members

Lash Extensions

Enhance the look and feel of your natural eyelashes with semi-permanent eyelash extensions from Premier Aesthetics. Simply put, eyelash extensions are the one beauty treatment that will give you thicker, longer, darker and more glamorous lashes than your natural lashes could ever be. This means you can have lashes you love without spending hours at the mirror curling, applying mascara or gluing on false eyelashes. 

DYSPORT COST - $5/unit Non-Members | $4/unit Premier Members

Lash Lift and Tint

Premier Aesthetics Lash Lift & Tint is an advanced technique designed to boost and lift the natural eyelash without the need for fake eyelashes. This treatment is fundamentally different from all previously known procedures for the eyelashes. Lashes are not your typical fake eyelashes, this is a keratin lash enhancement.

With this procedure your natural lashes are lifted up and filled with a special pigment infusion. As a result, you have thick, dark lashes that beautiful curve upwards. This creates the universally desired “open eye” look.

Lashes can be transformed to make a dramatic impact and enhance the eyes. There are no false lashes attached or any harmful adhesives used. This innovative treatment works by boosting and lifting each individual lash, then tinting them for a thicker, darker and longer looking lash which will last for 8-12 weeks.

DYSPORT COST - $5/unit Non-Members | $4/unit Premier Members

Eyebrow Lamination 

No matter your brow concern  — gaps, thinning, over plucking, unruliness — brow lamination is an amazing solution. This treatment adds volume and fullness by combing and perming the brow hairs over sparse areas and often upwards. Depending on your preference, a full and fluffy look or a sleek and polished brow can be achieved in a matter of minutes with results that lasts up to 8 weeks.

DYSPORT COST - $5/unit Non-Members | $4/unit Premier Members

Eyebrow Tinting 

Eyebrow Tinting takes about 20-25 minutes and it lasts until the eyebrows hair grow and eventually, the tinted brows will fall out after 6 to 8 weeks. The procedure must be done by a qualified professional at Premier Aesthetics to make sure that no allergies or skin reactions occur during or after the treatment. Necessary tests prior to the procedure may also be conducted. 


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