PDO Threads

Premier Aesthetics Sculptra

This is the hottest trend right now in non-surgical facelift.  This procedure is great for lifting up sagging jowls and tightening the face.  The results will typically last close to 2 years.  There are small barbed, & smooth dissolvable sutures that are placed under the skin to help lift, tighten, & rebuilding collagen.

Thread lifting and thread facial rejuvenation procedures are very popular and the PDO threads are now common throughout the USA. PDO threads can be combined with PRP, Sculptra, Bellafill, fillers, medical grade skin care and Dysport/Botox. This is how they work best and produce 3 dimensional results.  Combining multiple modalities will optimize your results to help create lift, youth, and balance.

  $60 smooth threads, $75 twist threads, & $350 for the lift threads